Handling Your First Listing

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This is a question every Realtor will have. Where do you get your first listing?

There are two paths you can take when it comes to your first listing. Click To Tweet

You can either get listings through your connections or get expired listings. People don’t understand how often expired listings come up in the high-end, and that’s because many agents who get listings treat the business as an advocation rather than a vocation. When that happens, they overprice it or they take it at the wrong price and the listings expire, so you have a great opportunity to be the second agent in.

When you do your market research, start looking for the mavericks. They’re the ones who show up in town with a truck rather than a Bentley. They’re trying to throw you off the track. That’s the kind of person who will take a chance on a new agent, who’s new to the market, who’s new to Luxury Real Estate,  or who’s new to a different location.

Enjoy the video. As always, I appreciate your questions and comments.

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