How to Convey Your Expertise

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What is your expertise?

Stagers certainly have theirs, I am sure they “fix” lots of houses and agents depending on their expertise.

What is to stop another agent from bringing a stager through a potential listing?

How long will you maintain this as a point of difference if you depend on someone else?

To be different, better and bring more value than the competition, you have to be YOU.

In fact, you can’t rely on your clients just “knowing” what makes you different, you have to get clear on a few important elements and learn how to demonstrate your uniqueness. Doing this alone will separate you from the bulk of agents in your area.

Here are a few things you need to consider when conveying your expertise: Click To Tweet
  • Your years in the business…or
  • Combined years of your office or team
  • Your position in market
  • …and more

Watch today’s video where I will teach you how to identify and convey your expertise to set the stage for conveying the value of your market preparation checklist.

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Jack Cotton

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