The Only Question to Ask to Determine a Seller’s Motivation

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First of all, thank you for the heartfelt and encouraging emails that many of you sent last week after I related the story of the sellers who “used” me to keep their friend, neighbor and agent honest.

As I discussed ways of preventing this from happening to you, and some of the dialogue that can help flush out the motivation of a potential seller, it occurred to me that if a seller passes this test and gets an appointment with you, there is even more they need to do before you or I can work with them.

We made the appointment because we determined that we have an honest shot at the listing. Now, we need to determine if the motivation level of the seller warrants us taking that final step and committing to work for them under a listing agreement.

We’ve all heard a million questions you can ask a seller. These include:

1) Why are you moving?
2) When do you have to be moved?
3) Where are you moving to?

Watch today’s video and I will share with you the ONLY question you need to ask to determine motivation. It’s open ended and completely effective. Tune in!


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  1. Patti Kloepping

    Great information…. great question to ask potential Seller listing!

    I like your more casual, relaxed look from the beautiful pier in Naples, Florida ! It has been a long time since we have seen you without a tie


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