3 Ways to Get Contact Info at Luxury Open Houses

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Our Luxury Real Estate Open House “road trip” comes to an end today. Last time, we learned how to “erase the tape” running through the mind of your Luxury Open House prospects. That’s great, but what’s next?

Since we know it is rare to sell a house shown to an open house prospect, our goal has to be to GET NAMES. Once we get a name and contact information, we can find the prospect a Luxury Home that is perfect for them. So, how do we get names?

In today’s video, I will talk about:

An “ethical bribe” that will have prospects anxious to give you their contact information. One thing I have used in the past is a copy of my 12 Secrets Luxury Home Buyers Know.

Enjoy the video then, try this out! I want to hear how this works for you. Our Luxury Open House tour is at an end now, we’ll be on to a new topic next week.

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LRE UnpluggedAction items this week:

Lastly: Think about your own luxury listings and decide which one could benefit from exposure through my newsletter. Send me pictures and a brief description with your contact information and I’ll include the best one with mine in my weekly e-video news blast. Wouldn’t that be great if we had a referral in our group every single week as a result of this video series?

In the meantime don’t forget to pass this video to a Realtor friend.

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  1. bob gilbert

    Jack, how can we get a PDF of “12 Secrets Luxury Home Buyers Know”?


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