Santa’s Message to Luxury Real Estate Agents

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7 Things Santa does to prepare for Christmas Eve that Luxury Real Estate Agents Can Apply

1. Santa will give his reindeer extra food and water so they will be strong enough to pull the sleigh full of toys for the good boys and girls all around the world. Santa has special water that he keeps in red barrels that gets them ready to fly faster and higher.

  • Make A Plan For Good Health And Nutrition In The Coming Year.

2. Next, Santa gets out special reindeer sneakers that he ties on all thirty two feet of his reindeer. These sneakers help the reindeer to stand on the roof while Santa slides down chimneys. They also help keep the reindeer’s feet quiet so that no children wake up when they are standing around on the roof.

  • Have Proper Equipment For Appointments: Proper Forms, Measuring Device, Tape Recorder, Etc.

3. Later on, he loads up his sleigh with toys for the good kids. The elves will help load up the sleigh putting the big packages in first, the smaller ones after.

  • Organization Is Critical For Success. We Have To Do More Of Everything In This Economy And It’s Easy For Things To Fall Through The Cracks. Have Systems In Place To Work On The Big Things First.

4. He will put coal under the seat for the kids on the naughty list. He hopes that there will not be too many kids getting coal this year but he has to be ready just in case.

  • Unexpected Things Can Happen, We Hope They Don’t, But Be Ready And Be Prepared For Them.

5. The elves give Santa a manicure. He does not want to scratch his nose each time he “lays a finger aside of his nose”.

  • People DO Judge Us By Our Appearance. Be Neat And Well Dressed, Even Get A Manicure Now And Then Look Like The
    Professional You Are.

6. Santa programs his GPS. He wants to know where he is going, stay on course and do not get off track.

  • Set Goals For 2013.
  • Create An Action Plan To Accomplish.
  • Santa Knows Why It’s Important To Reach His Many Destinations. Do You Know Why It’s Important For You To Reach Yours?
  • Be Ready To Adjust Course As Needed.

7. Santa sharpens the runners on his sleigh for better, smoother take offs and landings on many roofs.

    As Steve Covey Says, “Sharpen Your Saw“:

  • Read
  • Seminars
  • Find A Coach Or Mentor
  • Learn And Grow

Have a great holiday and terrific New Year.

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