Creating And Surpassing Your Benchmarks

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Today we conclude our series on the Tour de France bicycling and luxury real estate, picking up where we left off last week talking about measuring and keeping track of our results.

The beauty of this is that once we start to measure our production, we can create benchmarks. For instance, I noticed the other day that I rode a little over 20 miles and averaged 14½ miles an hour. To some people that’ll seem pretty slow; to others it might seem not so bad. Nevertheless, I look at the 14½ I think about what do I need to do to make that a 15 or a 16 or even an 18. So, throughout the course of my ride, I keep thinking about whether I’m pedaling as hard as I can or if I’m in the right gear or using the right equipment.

When you create benchmarks, the next step is of course to beat them. In doing so, we keep asking over and over again: Is what I’m doing at this moment getting me closer to my goals?

I find this especially important on hills because whether you’re in the Tour de France, on your local bike ride, or just facing some economic headwinds in your local real estate business, you work a little bit harder to get up the hill. I’ve also noticed that when you’re going downhill, sometimes you have to pedal also, especially when there’s a headwind. It’s often tempting to coast but to be successful in real estate, in luxury real estate in particular, no coasting allowed. You’ve got to be pedaling all the time.

Enjoy the video. I will talk about how these benchmarks work in our day to day activities leading to success in luxury real estate.

I hope you enjoyed this series on bicycling, the Tour de France, and luxury real estate. Don’t forget if you bought my book, “Selling Luxury Homes”, you’re entitled to a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation with me.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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