A Dog’s Guide to Life

Lessons from Moose

The death of Moose, the family dog, inspired author Jack Cotton to compile for his children a series of lessons gleaned from their canine companion of many years. What does a dog know about living life? As this wise and warm new book explains, Moose understood quite a lot: from ‘Love Unconditionally’ (I’m not always in the best mood…but that never affected Moose) to ‘Take a Nap in a Sunny Spot’ (Every now and then find a nice, warm spot…and just snooze. There is no better way to reset the stress meter we all carry with us.). The lessons Moose shares were written for children, but they will resonate with everyone who loves a dog or knows someone who does. ‘A Dogs Guide to Life’ is a Chihuahua-size book inspired by St Bernard-size ideas and readers everywhere will be ‘woofing’ about it.


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