Why You Need to Be Seen as an Authority

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Last week, Victoria Kennedy and I explored what’s the best kind of marketing during these tough times.

This week, we will be underscoring the importance of being the authority.

There’s understandably so much uncertainty and fear in the world right now. However, as agents, you have the ability, power, and responsibility to be an authority figure in your social sphere. People are looking to you. How do you achieve that?


Constantly communicate with your sphere and ask them what their questions and concerns are in light of current events. Also, convey positivity. Frame your messaging so that it highlights a positive reference to the situation.


When it comes to your branding and marketing, demonstrate that you are bold and confident. Create a short, simple video showcasing your expertise on a particular Luxury Real Estate topic. For example, discuss what is your protocol for showing property now. Show your sphere you are not afraid. Click To Tweet

As you accomplish those, you will notice people will perceive and treat you differently. They will start by asking you more questions and having more conversations. They will see you as a leader and an authority figure.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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