Do You “Demonstrate” Your Listing?

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This week, I will be highlighting the top three things to market a luxury listing.

1.) Captivating Images

Since we have one and a half seconds to capture someone’s attention online, and if you’re going to differentiate yourself from other agents in your marketplace, you need to have captivating images of your listing.

People are looking for reasons to reject listings when they look at pictures online. You want to eliminate any reason for them to reject looking further into your listing. 

The buyers of your house likely do not live in that area right now; they're elsewhere in the country or around the world. They are looking online. Click To TweetTherefore, professional and beautiful images are incredibly important when marketing a luxury listing.

2.) Compelling Copy

What is the point of having stunning photographs if your copy is poor? I’m amazed at some of the copy I see in luxury real estate, whether it’s bad grammar or bad punctuation. It is a turnoff and does not showcase that you’re a competent professional. Although I think of myself as a decent writer, I still use an editor to polish my copy. 

Make sure the copy conveys a compelling story about that property. This helps to invite people into the home, it helps them see themselves living there, and it makes it memorable for them.

3.) Strategically Demonstrate the Property

Don’t show the property, demonstrate it. What I mean by that is immersing prospective buyers in the lifestyle that comes along with the property. 

For example, one of our agents had difficulty selling a particular house. It had a water view, and the neighborhood beach was down the road. It’s too far to walk, and once you put somebody in a car to go to the beach, you’ve lost them – they’re no longer interested in purchasing the house. 

To help them see the possibilities of how to overcome this challenge in a fun way, we rented a really cool golf cart, put a surfboard on the roof, and we drove the potential buyers down to the beach. This generated big smiles the whole way and, more importantly, they eventually bought the house. Indeed, we didn’t only show the property; we immersed them in the lifestyle of the property. 

Until next time, make it a great week.

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