How Postcards Can Be a Powerful Selling Tool

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Last week, we highlighted the crucial role of newsletters in Luxury Real Estate.

This week, we’ll be examining why postcards are surprisingly important when it comes to Luxury Real Estate personal marketing and branding.

Why Postcards Are Important

Postcards are an easy way to market yourself. They're small, quick to do, beautiful, and they can convey a message in an instant. Click To Tweet And, if done right, potential clients will keep them. Why is this important? They’ll remember you and they’ll know how to get in touch with you.

Include These Three Important Elements

Some important features to include in your postcard include:

Make it simple and easy to read. Even though the individuals you send it to will only spend a few seconds with it, you want to ensure quality and that you are conveying a particular message. Thus, it’s incredibly important to give a lot of thought towards strategically developing your postcards.

Beautify it with local art. I’ll sometimes integrate a picture of our office to my postcards, but often times, I’ll just go to a local art gallery and buy a painting from the gallery owner. More importantly, in the course of buying the painting, I’ll ask the owner for the right to reproduce the painting on a postcard. If they say no, I won’t buy the painting. However, I have never experienced an artist saying no. Why? Because I give them credit on the other side of the postcard’s fine print area. What people really like about these postcards is that it’s a local scene. It’s a local artist. They put them on their fridge and bulletin boards. They hold onto them – and that’s the whole point.

“Eye-bite” Sentences. I have this concept called an eye-bite. How many bites does your eye have to take of an image to take it all in? Ideally, the message should be in one eye-bite – two at the most. So if you write a whole paragraph, people are not going to read all that information. Less is more, especially with postcards.

Be Strategic in the Deployment of Your Postcards

You can’t wake up tomorrow and impulsively say, “I think I should send a postcard,” and then expect your marketing plan to be effective. You need to plan these out a year in advance. Get yourself a schedule and make a spreadsheet.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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