Self-Renewal Drives Success

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Today, I will be exploring a critical business planning sin: not sharpening the saw.

Imagine trying to write with a dull pencil, cut a freshly baked loaf of bread with a dull knife, or trim the hedges with dull shears. It takes longer to accomplish and the results are lousy.

It’s important—even critical—to take time on a daily basis for self-renewal, physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually. Click To Tweet

When we invest in these areas, we become better personally and professionally. When we don’t, we not only stop improving, we begin to regress.

Remember the goals we set for this year? In order to sustain our motivation to reach our goals, it’s necessary to take time to sharpen the saw.

Allocate Time for Study

If we want to improve and become a credible and valuable luxury realtor, it’s important we invest time in our craft – not just in the practical and necessary aspects of the real estate business, but also in developing our character. Books, seminars, workshops and new opportunities, and situations can all be very useful tools to help us grow professionally and personally and is one way we can sharpen our saw.

Group or Private Coaching

Map out plans for the upcoming year by asking such questions like what seminars are we going to attend? What conventions will we go to? What training classes will help us reach our goals? Are we going to hire a coach who will hold us accountable and help guide us to achieve our goals? Intentionally seeking for help to overcome our weaknesses and gaps in knowledge and skill is another way of sharpening our saw.

Put Pen to Paper

We need to hand write our goals, not type them. It’s that kinesthetic connection between writing and our brains that really make goal setting work. Then after we’ve written them down, we need to speak them out loud in front of a mirror to help keep them top of mind. Writing, reviewing, and speaking our goals out loud is another way of sharpening our saw.


Another way of sharpening our saw is through repetition. Be consistent in doing the activities that sharpen our saws. This might look different from one person to the next. But the important thing to remember is to consistently do the activities that create the results we desire and are striving for.


And lastly, we need to commit to the activities that sharpen our saws. Read one book per month, per week, or whatever the case may be. Listen to one podcast per day, per week, or whatever the case may be. Attend seminars that will stretch us outside our comfort zones. Take time to plan. And along the way, always keep self-renewal top of mind.

Until next time, make it a great week.


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