What’s Your Backup Plan?

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When we talk about deadly business planning sins for the new year, there are a few things you need to consider before implementing your plan.

Gather the data you need to create the plan

You’ve got to do a deep dive analysis of the business you did for the current year. If you haven’t made a business plan before, you’re going to have to go through your calendar and count up all your appointments, showings, and leads. It may not be 100% accurate, but it’s enough to get you started to build your business plan.

If you’re new to Luxury Real Estate, sit down and talk to some experienced agents in your office and ask them what are good estimated numbers that you can use.

Plan for the unexpected

You got to have a backup plan. Things don’t always go the way you plan. What if someone decides to quit? What if you hire new people?

How are you going to debrief last year’s numbers? Are you gonna go through Outlook? Are you going to go through your Daytimer? Can you search your emails? Find a way.

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Start thinking about what kind of backup plan you have so that you can be ready if something happens.

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