Finding Buyers Using Connections

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You got the house listed. You got it at the right price, the right fee, and in the right amount of time. Now you need to get it sold. You can do that by finding buyers using connections.

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If you research where every single buyer came from in the last two years, you will find that each of them had a connection to some person who is already in the market.

Therefore, having collateral material you can send to other people who are already in the neighborhood is critically important. A great brochure is a good start. It’s a great thing to send around to the neighbors because they know who the next person is going to be. Very few people go into a nine million dollar house and buy it without knowing any people they’re connected to in the area. The higher you go in the price range, the more often you’ll find a people connection.

Watch the video below and find out what more you can do to find the right buyers.

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