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Today, we’re going to be examining time management issues.

How often do you hear people say, “I just don’t have time. I didn’t have time to create a business plan. I didn’t have time to debrief my numbers from last year. I don’t have time!” Not having time to execute your plan is one of the 12 great business planning sins.

Create To Do Lists

This sounds crazy, it sounds basic, it sounds kindergarten level, but having a to-do list or a task list each and every day is a good thing to have.

I know sometimes I get so busy, then all of a sudden there’s nothing. An appointment gets canceled, and I see a one hour void, or a half-hour void to my calendar, and I’m so stressed out. I don’t know what to do to fill that time. But guess what? All I have to do is go to Outlook, click on my task list, and I could find a million things to do. Then it gets done, and I can just cross some more things off my list.

Indeed, having a to-do list is critical. Enter appointments, enter your to-do’s as appointments. If there’s something you need to do for yourself, put it in your calendar because it’s more likely to happen when you do that.

Review Your Business Plan

Always review your master plan, otherwise known as your business plan. Review it every single day, and ask yourself this question, “Is what I’m doing at this minute keeping me on track to achieving my goal?” Identify items you can delegate to other people. Give it to some of the people in your office who can do certain things for you.

Plan Your Prime Time

My prime time is early, early, early in the morning. It used to be late, late, late at night, but now I pass out late at night. Thus, early morning is now better for me, and midday is also better for me. There’s no right, there’s no wrong, just know when your prime time is and plan the hardest chores, the hardest tasks and challenges for that time.

Block Out Time

Always block out time to do these things:

  • call customers
  • check on transactions
  • most importantly, call your sellers at least once a week

Make a point of planning time to be in the office, to answer calls, to follow up on things, and check on files and make sure everything is still up and running. Click To Tweet

Review Properties

Even though you’re going on your office tour and you’re going on your MLS tour, it’s a good idea to preview property. Drive around and go to other people’s open houses so that you know what is out there competing with your own listings. You’re in a better position to talk about other listings when you’re having your weekly conferences with your seller.

Prospect and Practice

Block out time for prospecting. If you prospected for an hour a week, you’d be ahead of 95% of the agents in the business. Block out time for practicing. We’re the only profession where we practice on our clients, so practice with your pets if you want, but practice with somebody before doing a listing presentation.

Read a Book

Plan time for reading or studying. Try to do an hour or two per day of reading and studying. Make a goal of whatever it is. My goal is a book a week. Do I reach that? No, but I still manage to read 25 to 30 books in the course of a year and it helps me and my business because I become better at what I do.

Until next time, make it a great week!


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  1. Jodi

    Great Video,

    can you please share some of the books you read?

    • Jack Cotton

      Glad you enjoyed the video, Jodi!

      For books that I’ve read, I would recommend Selling Luxury Homes 10x, Never Split the Difference, and Start with No.


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