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Last week, we started talking about marketing ideas you can easily implement into your business. Today, we’re continuing our series on easy to implement, high impact marketing ideas you can use for the month of August.

I can’t believe how many people don’t do this, but create and register your own memorable domain name for use in your marketing. For example, I use jackcotton.com. It can be turned into an email address such as jack@jackcotton.com. Use a domain name that’s easy to remember and easy to spell, for your website and your email.

Next, make sure that your contact information like your email, phone number, and cell number are all in your email signature. When you’re doing your email preferences, go to somewhere in the preferences and check off to include your signature, even when you’re replying to a message.

You should also visit another market when possible. See what they’re doing to promote their real estate business. Look at what their offices look like, what their front window looks like, and what their real estate magazine looks like.

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What was it that put you over the top in choosing to list with you? It might be good to do what you did with them over and over again.

Finally, create a folder in your email every time you see a great email or ad from sombody else. Email it to yourself and put it in a swipe file. It can be inspiration for a marketing campaign or brochure copy that you could use for a new listing.

Enjoy the video. As always, I appreciate your questions and comments.

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