What’s The “Why” Behind Your Goals?

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I cannot believe how close we are to the end of the year! How are you coming along with your own business plans?

I am going to cover two sins in today’s video because I want you to enjoy the next couple of weeks with your family and friends.

Speaking of family, they are often the core of the “WHY” behind your goals. In the next couple of weeks, seek every opportunity possible to become clear on this “WHY.”

Not focusing on your 'WHY' will make achieving your goals that much more difficult. Click To Tweet

The second sin I will cover today is a reminder that having a system that keeps you accountable is critical to achieving your goals. Believe it or not, reaching out to you each week with these videos is how I keep myself accountable. I get to ask myself over and over throughout the day, “Jack, are you walking your talk?”

Enjoy the video. As always, I appreciate your questions and comments.

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