5 Tips for Goal Setting in Luxury Real Estate

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I am sure it’s no surprise to you that riders in the Tour de France like other elite athletes, are goal orientated.

In today’s video, I’ll talk about five tips for setting athletic or sports related goals. Next week, I’ll relate this to Luxury Real Estate. The five points I will present in detail in today’s video are:

1.    Choose an event or milestone.

2.    Make sure it’s realistic.

3.    Make it specific.

4.    Share your goal.

5.    Create a training plan.


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Until next time, make it a great week.

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  1. Aazu

    Starting out as a real estate agent, and esepically starting out in the current climate, the buzz around you is full all sorts of techniques, a lot of them silly. But some of them work. This book is a great real estate marketing source for inexpensive but effective (guerrilla) marketing techniques. It’s focus is on the all important generating leads. It has been very helpful in that, mostly because it has been helpful in sorting out techniques that work from ones that don’t. Feeling silly should only count when it gets results.

    • Jack

      Thanks for sharing your information.



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