Top 5 Places High Net Worth Individuals Can Be Found

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Now that you understand the value and effectiveness of Gardening for Luxury Clients, what are some other ways to find and interact with the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI’s) in your market?

Today’s video uses a fishing metaphor as I discuss “trolling” for HNWI’s. Where to they congregate? With whom do they congregate? How do you, as a Luxury Agent, find these venues, blend in, and add value?

Finding High Net Worth Individuals isn’t as tough as it may seem. In today’s video, we will cover it all.  <–Click to Tweet

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  1. Karen Corcoran

    Jack,, I love how you remind those of us who work this end of themarket, that we are on the right track. I always find a “pearl” in your messages…

    • Jack

      I’m glad you enjoy them and find some inspiration!


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