Top 5 Places High Net Worth Individuals Can Be Found

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What are some other ways to find and interact with the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI’s) in your market?

Today’s video uses a fishing metaphor as I discuss “trolling” for HNWI’s. Where to they congregate? With whom do they congregate? How do you, as a Luxury Agent, find these venues, blend in, and add value?

Finding High Net Worth Individuals isn’t as tough as it may seem. In today’s video, we will cover it all.  <–Click to Tweet

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  1. Karen Corcoran

    Jack,, I love how you remind those of us who work this end of themarket, that we are on the right track. I always find a “pearl” in your messages…

    • Jack

      I’m glad you enjoy them and find some inspiration!


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