Do You Show Your Own Luxury Listings?

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This week we are revisiting one of my favorite blog topics that was covered earlier this year. We’re talking about showings. Do you show your own Luxury Real Estate Listings? We all hear about the importance of delegation… but how far do you take it?

In this video we will cover 7 Reasons Why I Show My Own Luxury Real Estate Listings. Enjoy.

Here is the list of my reasons:

1) Aside from the seller, no one knows the property better than me.
2) I know how to best organize the showing.
3) I can save “surprises” for the right moment.
4) I can “read” the buyer and gauge reaction.
5) I can discern questions from real objections.
6) I can gauge the motivation of the prospect.
7) The message of my presence is important.

You don’t need to buy into all of them, but let me know what you think in the comments. Do you show your own listings or do you delegate?

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  1. Mary Charters

    I think it really depends on the agent whether it is useful or not. I have many times asked the agent to allow me and my buyer to walk the house on our own as I know best as a buyer’s agent what the hot points are for my buyer. On numerous occasions the listing agent walks along with you pointing out “This is the kitchen”, “This is the ______”……Really?? We can see that! On most occasions when a listing agent accompanies me and a client on a walk through of the home, the buyer comments after we leave that they were uncomfortable and preferred us looking on our own.

    Most of the buyers I have worked with feel uncomfortable talking in front of the listing agent since they know they are representing the seller and not them and they aren’t interested in the listing agent gauging their interest. I do like it when the listing agent is there but stays in an unobtrusive location and offers to answer questions when/if they have any. At that time they can easily ask if the noticed “surprise(s)” and point them out if the buyer seems interested.

    That being said, when I have shown high end condos on the water the listing agent being present was a plus because most are very knowledgeable about that specific building and they all operate differently, have different amenities, rules, etc. Then it is very helpful but still not walking through the unit itself along with me and the buyer.

  2. Denise Bass

    I totally agree.

    I am anticipating a waterfront property in a beautiful part of the North Shore on Long Island. As I think about sending the Property Brochure, what kind of package do you put together to look elegant? This listing will be about 3 million +

  3. Jacqueline Collins Buck

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    The only comment I have is: change number one’s written phrase, because it’s ungrammatical:

    1) Aside from the seller, no one knows the property better than me.
    Should read: ……”no one knows the property better than I do”.

    You said it correctly in your video.

    Love your blogs!!!!
    Aloha, Jackie

    • Jack

      Thank you for noticing. We will make the correction!

  4. lorraine leonard

    I agree wholeheartedly with Jack but understand Mary’s comments. To get away with it the listing agent needs a level of sophistication in showing the property without interfering with the buyer’s need for privacy.
    I prefer to show and then invite the agent and buyer to feel free to walk anywhere on their own and take their time to absorb the property and to come back with questions if they have any while I wait, probably in the foyer.
    I think its all about the skill of the listing agent.

  5. Bob MacCuspie

    Having sold new homes I am an advocate of the listing agent involved in the showing because no one knows how to show the house better than the listing agent. The experienced agent should welcome knowledge of the listing agent about this house. Yes the buyer agent knows the buyer prospect best and should be part of the input as to specifics to the buyer prospect.

    No matter what one does there are always two schools of thought. One where the buyer agent wants to be the expert or fears the listing agent will over power. This is easy to solve with another video in the Realtor only section explaining that you assist by doing the whole showing as in new homes, by prepping the buyer agent before the tour and assist only with special points, or do a “bookend” format where you welcome and give a brief introduction with a few highlights then let the buyer agent do the tour and asking at the end what the buyer thought about the other special features and explaining the missed/confused reaction ones. Then offer the buyer another opportunity to walk quietly through again to review everything before they leave. This is often a good indicator of the level of interest.

    I would suggest choosing either “6 to 8 hours of work” or “hours and hours” and build on one phrase. It sounds confusing or conflicting. I know this sounds picky, but to quote someone “Quality counts.”

    Yes I like it and would vote for including it on your website. If this is in a Seller Only section then great. If it is to be seen by buyers then you might want to either create a second one for buyers and look for a way to show why your showing the house is valuable to both the buyer agent and the buyer.


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