Are You Fulfilling Your Luxury Real Estate Marketing Promise?

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Welcome to the second in our series on branding. In today’s video, I talk about how a brand is your promise to the marketplace and the importance of how you convey and fulfill that promise.

In the video, I give an example of a shopping experience that exemplifies “the promise of branding”. It will prove that investing all huge amounts of money on marketing, product development, facilities and salespeople –  won’t work or account for anything if you fail to fulfill the promise that your brand has planted in the minds of your market.

So, again, what is the promise you make to your marketplace?  Make sure your entire team is signed on to that promise.

Next time, in our final installment in this series we’ll talk about the steps to convey that promise. I also extended my invitation for one more week to get a free copy of a Kindle version of Selling Luxury Homes to the winner.

Send me just a quick e-mail stating your promise to your market, – what is it? I’m going to choose the best one and award a free Kindle version to the winner.

Enjoy this week’s video.

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Action items this week:LRE Unplugged

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In the meantime don’t forget to pass this video to a Realtor friend.

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  1. Mark A. Sisco

    Hello Jack,

    What constitutes a brand is the promise to always have that integerity of the fuduciary respect for the seller, buyer and yourself. Without these qualities you have truly defamed yourself as a trusted and knowlegable and one who is respected in the industry. I truely believe and know that we are not in the business of selling real estste but ourselfs. Once again the prouduct we are selling is ourselfs.

    Jack thanks for allowing us to participate and I’m on your site daily and look forward to all you have to offer. When will you be out in SoCal?



    • Jack

      I’m glad to hear my views are met with agreement. Thanks for your continued interest. Will let you know if I’m in your area.


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