7 Steps to Pricing Luxury Real Estate

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How do you price your Luxury Listings? DO you use a CMA? Tell me about it in the comments below. Do you spin the Luxury Pricing Dial? Tell me about that!

This week’s video covers 7 Steps to Pricing Luxury Real Estate. As with last week’s video, the middle part will actually appear on my agent website, www.JackCottonRealtor.com. My 7 Step Process looks like this:

Jack Cotton - 7 Steps to the Right Price

Watch how I explain this to sellers who click on my Realtor® website:


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Enjoy this week’s video.

Action items this week:

Lastly: Think about your own luxury listings and decide which one could benefit from exposure through my newsletter. Send me pictures and a brief description with your contact information and I’ll include the best one with mine in my weekly e-video news blast. Wouldn’t that be great if we had a referral in our group every single week as a result of this video series?

In the meantime don’t forget to pass this video to a Realtor friend.

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  1. Angie

    Jack – I really liked this video and it’s explanation (including graphics). Keep up the great work!

    • Jack

      Thank you, I’m glad to hear its helpful

  2. Mark A. Sisco

    Hello Jack,

    Great webinar, please keep them comming. I look forward to your webinars and learn a great deal of information. Thank you for your time and dedication to our life style. Want to learn all I can and I’m located in southern California, Laguna Beach, Newport and all stops inbetween.

    Best Regards,

    Mark A. Sisco

  3. James Gomez

    very helpfull , thanks for sharing


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