Luxury Real Estate, What’s The Story?

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This week we are going to begin a discussion of the power of story, especially as it pertains to Luxury real estate. What is the story?

You’ll find that as you view this introductory video, that stories are an effective way to connect with high net worth individuals, to differentiate ourselves from our competition and to convey our expertise in the Luxury real estate business.

We’ll learn in the upcoming videos that, just because we talk about stories it doesn’t mean we can be disorganized or haphazard. Stories have to be carefully planned and executed to maximize their effectiveness.

I will ask you in this video: What’s your story? How did you get started in real estate and what, in particular, drew you to Luxury real estate? I look forward to sharing this series with you about Luxury real estate, What’s the Story?

Until next week, make it a great week.

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